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Tuesday, June 22, 2010


(1) Become acquainted with the many type of fits and cuts of cardigans out there. Cardigans can be single or double breasted, and they can also be fitted or loose. Cardigans can button all the way up, or they can button halfway creating a v-neckline. Other details, such as shawl collars, contrasting trims, and pockets are important to note too depending on one’s design aesthetics.

There are several ways to wear a cardigan in the workplace, in place of a normal sweater or a vest for instance. If you want to layer it underneath a blazer, make sure that the material is thin enough so it’s not too bulky. Safe colors to wear in the office are usually dark or muted color tones, nothing too bright or ostentatious.

When going out at night, you can wear a cardigan in lieu of a sweater or jacket. In this situation you can explore more with designs, colors, and pattern and steer away from the conservative structures that you would opt for in the office. Textured cardigans and shawl collar cardigans are big trends right now for menswear this fall/winter. Pairing these with a collared shirt and tie would look just as great as wearing them with a plain shirt.

To wear a cardigan casually, you can just throw it on over a plain t-shirt and allow it to drape over your body. You can even wear it partly buttoned up.


-Traditionally, the bottom button of the cardigan should not be buttoned up. But feel free to explore with whatever style aesthetic suits you!
-Cardigans are knitwear, as opposed to most jackets and outwear. Because of this, fold your cardigans and sweaters instead of hanging them to prevent the fabric from stretching.

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